Eleazar and Labradors

Eleazar and Labradors

Is there a link between Eleazar and Labradors? Firstly, here are a few websites of Australian Labrador breeders that we feel comfortable in suggesting:

  • Alablloyd – Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs, article on showing dogs, and collected stories from people who own this breed of dog. Adelaide.
  • Albanel Labradors SA – Raising English-type dogs. Brief breed description and litter announcements. Adelaide Hills, South Australia.
  • Annabayl – Breeding for the show ring or simply for a family pet. Photograph gallery and litter announcements. Tamworth.
  • Baypark – Pictures and pedigrees. Lake Haven, New South Wales.
  • Coningsburgh Kennels – Breed standard, pictures of their dogs, and links. Melbourne.
  • Epicure – Show results and pictures of their dogs. Victoria.
  • Gunnerson Labradors
    Breeders of chocolate, yellow and black Labrador Retrievers in Victoria Australia … Welcome to Gunnerson Labradors web site.
  • Gunnislake Labradors
    Gunnislake Labradors are located in the heart of historic Macarthur Country 60 … Gunnislake Labradors. Leading Breeders of Labrador Retrievers since 1964 “
  • Kadnook – Breeding for show, field and obedience. Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs, kennel history, and show results. Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Labden – Pictures and pedigrees of dogs for show and obedience. Victoria.
  • Labrador puppies for sale NSW Australia – Labrador breed standard, breeding systems, testimonials, puppy pictures, and frequently asked questions. New South Wales.
  • Pemberley Farms
    David and Monica Radomiljac have bred Labrador Retrievers since 1987 and … when she was a teenager, we have had a lot of Labradors around over the years.
  • Risingtide – Pictures, a dog’s tour of their town, and news. Narooma, New South Wales.
  • Riverina Labradors
    Riverina Labradors located in NSW in the heart of the Southern Riverina. … Thank you for taking time to fill in the form below.
  • Truebred Labradors. Breeders of quality Labradors in NSW Australia, including yellow, black, and english lines.
  • Wynstream Labradors
    My dog web site … Wynstream is one of the top winning Labrador Retriever … At Wynstream no expense is spared in providing my Labradors.
  • Yuroka
    Labrador Retriever Home Page. Mahelu Labradors. Contact Details. Leanne Dick. Phone +61 7 4156 1667 for more Details on YUROKA Labrador Retrievers.

In regards to Eleazar, there are various reports, including that he was a male Vampire believed to have been born about 1600 to 1700.

Eleazar is described as having black hair, gold eyes, and having a spouse by the name of Carmen. Eleazar is also reported as residing in Denali, Alaska, and having a special ability of being able to identify the special abilities of other vampires.

So, as far as Eleazar and Labradors go, who knows? They seem to have been in similar areas, in North America! Some Labradors, of course, have black hair, other than that, not much else in known about their similiarities.



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